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Meet Montiel's


I am soooo much fun shooting these two. in my opinion, Groom shots are a little more easier, less hassle on the photographer than Bridal - I think I speak for all photographers...

- your probably like why do I say a such thing, huh??

WELL IN MY OWNNNN world, women go through so much, and I HAVE A LOT to say about it. We have to get our make-up done when it comes to having a BIG SPECIAL day like events, Wedding, etc. BUT WEDDING DAY IS SUPPOSE TO BE FLAWLESS than any other outing we never been to. On top of, not just bride's make-up, but the bridesmaids as well and im sure each face takes about an hr. to perfect everyone. Now groomsmen, let you tell you how easy this was.... how about Ricardo was practically ready to go. He just threw on his shirt, evest & jacket. SUPER EASY. Ummmmmmm, his photos took every bit of 15 mins. then we proceeded to take family photos to kill some time, because everything well well organized when I arrived to his home.

I HAD SO MUCH fun with these two. We did so much laughing and guess what? I even danced with both of them at the same time, how specialll & it melted my heart away to dance my evening away with the bride & groom.

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