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Becoming Eckels

If you're not an ECKEL, I don't know what you could be...

LOOK AT THEMM!! Aren't they cute?!!!

When I say these two are really the sweetest you will ever meet, WOW. I mean that!! You can feel how happy they are just by photos but - IN PERSON WAS BETTER & I felt so honored to do this Wedding and to feel there love they had for one another.


MOST DEFINITELY BEAUTIFUL & it was one to remember and cherish.

The waters of the ocean and the boats.. this "was a vibe" if you will. Although we we're all a tad cold, LOL, it was easy to ignore and just watch these two families combine and become one big union.

LOOK AT THAT DIPPPPPPP!!!! Brian loves his Briana! WHO wouldn't want to be like this when they grow up & get married?

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