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Hey there!
I'm Octavia. Nice to meet you!!!!

Well jumping right into the basics, I am a Boy-Mom outside of photography and also a full-time student. Believe it or not, I am NOT going to school for photography, I am majoring in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. 


Get to know me, just a tad bit more..

My go-to coffee order (from Starbs BTW):

Carmel frappe. extra carmel 

I can't edit photos without:

Music playing in the background!

My favorite session is:

Weddings tbh! They're so fun & I love love

My favorite Instagram pic:

My pride and joy:


There's nothing like family..


Family means Ohana, and Ohana means no one gets left behind. Along this photography journey, these have been my main people on why I keep pursing my dreams and also on the days I was to give up, they've been right there to feed me positivity. 

SOME people are not fortunate to have a family like mine - NOW I KNOW some of us can get a tad crazy, but isn't that what family is all about?

Some of us didn't have A Dad... growing up..

Most of all, shoutout to Mom. Growing up, I did not have my "Dad" apart of my life, but with life challenges, all of Mom's yells and hollers, and even a few embarrassing times at my high school, I wouldn't of made it this far and who would've known I would be a photographer now?


& now, everything I do, is for you, munchkin.
- mommy.


You ever have that ONE person who's been with you since before you were a teenager? One who understands practically... EVERYTHING!? If you know what I mean, then you'd understand that this is my person. When I feel stressed and want to just throw the towel in, she's been right there. Not only is this a bestfriend-ship, but she is like another little sister. I love you!

There's a whole team for you to meet! 


Like what you heard? Well, what are you waiting for!! 

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